Lea is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, compassionate and pleasure to work with! Our dog has improved so much since she started working with him and we started implementing her techniques and our dog absolutely adores her. We would very very highly recommend her to anyone! We told our family and friends that she’s our dog whisperer since with her help we accomplished stuff with our dog that we never thought were possible. Lea is very, very highly recommended!

Seida Deumic

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Can’t say this enough. I got a new puppy and was researching how to crate train. There were so many different opinions- let them whine it out, leave them in for a certain amount of time, etc etc. Nothing was working, I was getting no sleep and my puppy was whining regardless of what I did.
We worked a few sessions together and it made the biggest difference. TODAY HE EVEN WENT INTO THE CRATE ON HIS OWN TO NAP! I can’t believe it.
Thank you, Lea!

Lloyd Wilbore
I was hesitant at first to book an online session with Lea but I was super impressed with her and the quality of the training. The fact that it was online didn’t seem to take anything away from it was super convenient. I have a 3 year old dog that has issues with aggression and a puppy that is overly excited. She was able to help me with both my dogs in the one session and her advice has been a total lifesaver. There was a huge difference after just once session and I was so impressed that I booked her for several more and recommended her to my friends.
Victoria Baxter
I first contacted Lea in 2017 to get some help with my German Shepard as he was constantly barking and jumping at people. Lea was fantastic from day one and has helped my pup out so much. I’ve since gotten another dog and a cat with very different issues and she helped me with the introduction and working through their unique needs. It is clear she has many years of experience with animal training and it shined through in our sessions, as all my animals have different struggles and she knew exactly what to do.
Justin Andrushko
Lea has been amazing asset to have on our journey bringing a new puppy into our lives with an older dog. She is so encouraging and has so many tip and tricks that made our transition easy. She was able to help our older dog respond to our new puppy in a positive way instead of a stressful way. She is so willing to keep in contact if we have any questions or concerns. We are able to send her videos of interactions before our appointments if we have questions on so she can keep us on a good positive path. Her methods are easy, we are able to use them in our everyday lives. Her love for animals and her kind personality makes her so easy to work with. We have used her for our older dog with aggression issues all the way to training a puppy.
Katie Austin