Dog Training Tailored For Your Dog’s Needs

No dog is too far gone, regardless of backgrounds, temperaments, or prior environments.
Lea and Molly Dog Walk

Lea is an intuitive dog behaviourist offering quality and consistent dog training for her clients. No two people or dogs are the same, so training methods are adaptable for specific needs. Home sessions are for those dog/family teams that thrive on the convenience of lessons in their home. This allows for guidance in a controlled environment to help address the issues in the place. Lessons take place in your home or at an agreed upon location. You can schedule single sessions or packages of three. As a disclaimer, if your dog is acting aggressive or irritable please make check with your veterinarian that there is no injury, infection, or other medical issue present.

Dog Training Services

Separation Anxiety

It is heartbreaking watching your dog suffer anxiety when you need to leave. Proper leadership training will help your dog feel at ease when you are gone. like with any fear-based problems, it will take time and patience.

Dog Aggression / Reactive Issues

They are the first dogs people abandon because they are misunderstood. Aggression usually stems from fear and a lack of leadership. With proper guidance (and patience) you can learn to gain and keep your dog’s trust.

Puppy Training

Puppy sessions offer you an opportunity to learn the right approach for educating and socializing your dog. Instill lifelong habits that will make your puppy a happy and healthy dog.

Dog Park Trips

Going to the off-leash park can be a daunting task when you are not sure of the rules or have had a bad experience in the past. Let’s make this a more positive experience for your dog and for you so that you can both enjoy a pleasant walk together.

Scent Training

Many dogs rely too much on their eyes and ears, which can cause them to overreact. Scent training teaches your dog to use its nose to understand its environment. In addition, it is a lot of fun for everyone involved.

The Walk

A dog that is pulling on a leash is not a calm and happy dog. Your dog should feel at ease when you are leading because they have comfort in following. Learn the cues to have relaxing, stress-free walks with your dog.


Each individual session is $95 and can take up to two hours. Packages of three sessions are $275. Lea recommends completing packages of three sessions within three weeks to three months. Appointments are available seven days a week to accommodate those with busy schedules.

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