African Wild Dogs

Also known as the painted dog, are one of the most endangered species in Africa. With only about 5,000 individuals left, it’s more important than ever to help protect these beautiful animals.

The main threats to the Wild Dogs is habitat loss and human conflict. Many farmers are frustrated due to wild dogs at times hunting their livestock. Unfortunately, to many people, the culture has turned into “the only good wild dog is a dead wild dog” which means many of them will be shot on sight.

The amazing activists in Naankuse are working on changing the culture around these painted dogs and other big predators. They work with farmers to use humane and more reliable tactics for protecting livestock. They’re also working on educating the public about why these animals are so important for the ecosystem and how we can learn to live alongside them.

African Wild Dogs are also one of the most successful hunters in the world with more than 60% of their hunts resulting in a kill, sometimes even up to 90%!

They are incredibly social and communicate through body language and vocal cues. The hierarchy of the pack is also quite interesting as it’s dominated by a matriarchal female who has sole breeding rights. This may be attributing to why it is difficult to bring the population of dogs up to a more sustainable level.

One of the main reasons I traveled to Namibia, Africa was to see these beautiful animals before they’re gone. My hope is that the people of Naankuse wildlife sanctuary and others like them can help bring the painted dog back from the brink of extinction and help change the perspective of the people living alongside them. Hopefully, we can continue to have Wild Dogs long into our future!

Check out some videos below!

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